Rock River Baseball League

01/11/2018 - Fan Behavior Censure Statement



Statement of Censure


After review of the 2017 Rock River Baseball League (RRL) season, there were a couple of incidents that involved fan behavior.  The RRL Board of Directors and its members make the following statement:

Profanity, degrading remarks, and intimidating actions directed at officials or competitors will not be tolerated.  Spectators are not allowed to throw objects into the competition area at any point, and can be prosecuted should injuries occur.  Any actions by a fan that are a detriment to the contest, not limited to those listed above; are grounds for removal from the event site. 

We will continue the commitment to promote good sportsmanship by fans, players, coaches and spectators during regular and post-season games.  Attendance and participation in RRL is a privilege and requires that participants display proper conduct at all times.

The RRL believes that the effort to meet these expectations will improve the game experience at our events by creating a healthy environment for our competition.