Rock River Baseball League






Southern Wisconsin Amateur Baseball Tournament


2017 Dates/Locations TBA - Contact Carl Schwarze for more information


Entry Fee: $100

Appearence Bond: $100


**Appearence Bond will be returned upon appearing and playing in all assigned games.


Prize Money, each division:

1st:   $650

2nd:  $450

3rd:   $350

4th:   $250


**This is based on an 8 team division, less than 8 teams prize money will decrease.


SWABA Contact:

Carl Schwarze                                                 




The Southern Wisconsin Amateur Baseball Association (SWABA) holds two competitive tournaments each summer consisting of

teams from primarily southern Wisconsin. Teams will compete in either the CLASS “A” DIVISION (for teams with a primary league

record over .500 in previous season) or in the CLASS “B” DIVISION (for teams with a primary league record of .500 or under in the

previous season). New teams formed in the current year will play in the Class “B” division. Eligible leagues include, but not limited

to: East Shore, Home Talent, Land of Lakes, Rock River, Madison Area Baseball League, and Milwaukee Baseball League. If your

league is not present on this list, please contact the person people below for more information about the possibility of playing.


·         The tournament will be wood bat only. 

·         The DH will be used but there will be no re-entry. 

·         Primary league roster must be used, however teams may pick up ONE pitcher from your league.  This player may not play

      with another team in the tournament.  He can bat when he is pitching, but when he is done pitching, he must be removed

      from the game. 

·         Games are 7 innings or 1:55 time limit. 

·         There will be a $100 entry fee plus a $100 performance bond which will be refunded when your team completes all of their

      scheduled games. 

·         The consolation game in both divisions must be played or the non-participating team will forfeit their prize money and the

      $100 refundable portion of their entry fee.

·         The prize money to be awarded will be approx. $600-$450-$350-$250, dependent on the number of teams in each division.

·         Brackets of the entire tournament with future dates and possible opponents will be made available as soon as possible

      after the entry deadline.

·         SWABA will provide umpires and baseballs to be used at each game, however the site hosting any game is responsible for

      giving the paid attendance (gate) to SWABA

·         Teams looking at hosting games in future tournaments please contact one of the individuals below: