Rock River Baseball League

The Ashippun Trap

The Rock River League’s own Doug Welch has written a baseball novel that will be published by Texas traditional book publisher Black Rose Writing on January 30.


The Ashippun Trap A Novel of Baseball and the Final Year of the Milwaukee Braves, is set in the Rock River League in 1965. The book blends baseball fiction with baseball fact as it paints a portrait of life in the Rock River League when teams in places like Ashippun were routinely drawing several hundred fans each Sunday. The lines between amateur and pro players were blurred and Rock River League players and team managers could hustle the game for their own financial gain. The novel intertwines its fictional characters with Gene Oliver, a catcher on the Braves in 1965 and retells the one-of-a-kind story of that star-crossed, lame duck season at County Stadium.


Welch, who manages the Milton Junction Pub Raptors, gleaned stories and information about the history of the league from Carl Schwarze and others in an attempt to present an accurate, yet totally fictional accounting of amateur baseball in the early ‘60s.


The book is available to order from Black Rose Writing at the following link



A full synopsis of the book can be viewed at the site.